Scientific writing coaching

You would like to write your own work and wish only occasional help in the form of a competent accompaniment? For this, our academic writing coaching offers a wide range of support options for your bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation.

Support begins with topic finding, which helps you to choose a suitable and relevant topic. Not only a suitable topic is important, but also a precisely formulated and meaningful question, based on a neatly worked out problem, is indispensable for a good academic work. It is essential to narrow down the question so that it can be meaningfully edited in the given page size and based on the relevant literature.

The role of the scientific writing coach

Similar to a good tutor or supervisor at the university, our writing coaches will be at your side and discuss the question, structure and procedure of your work with you. They work on the topic and are thus able to identify any problems in good time and to point out their qualifications. At the same time, they are motivators and contacts in every phase of your work. Of course, it is advisable to seek appropriate support at an early stage, as it allows the work to be “set up” right from the start.

Expiration of a writing coaching

Following the principle of help for self-help, we offer an individual scientific writing coaching, in which we are your intellectual sparring partner through a close and qualified exchange of ideas. Our goal is for you to be able to write your own thesis and finish it successfully.

You send us the current status of your work. We examine this and make a first non-binding opinion. In doing so, we make a statement about the scientific quality of the text. On the basis of this, we also estimate the expected effort until the completion of the work and name the essential work steps.

Later, you send us the progress of your work on agreed terms. We check these and check the u.a. the scientific reasoning or the correct use of the sources. In the form of written comments, we provide recommendations for necessary corrections. You can also contact your writing coach by phone to clarify questions and exchange views.


If no topic is specified by the chair, the student is asked to formulate his / her own topic for the bachelor thesis or master thesis. However, it is not always possible to find a relevant and editable topic. Here we help you on the basis of our many years of experience and expertise and can provide you with suitable topic suggestions for your area of expertise.

You have already made your choice of topics, even the literature is available, but you do not find the brilliant idea in which direction your project should go? That is exactly what is required in an exposé. It is a mental anticipation of your scientific project. Here we help you through a targeted exchange and constructive ideas.

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