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Give your scientific text the finishing touch with our editing

Scientific writing requires the highest degree of accuracy in terms of formalities as well as content-related formulations. Particular attention must be paid to uniform spellings and exact expression.

It actually goes without saying that a thesis, such as a bachelor thesis, a master’s thesis and, of course, a doctoral thesis should be subjected to a profound editing. How professional the result is, you decide.

Most students invest a lot of time and effort in their diploma thesis, bachelor thesis or master thesis, but then leave the final correction of the work to friends or acquaintances. However, such a review does not always bring the desired improvement.

Typical mistakes in diploma theses, bachelor theses or master theses are:

  • lack of structuring / lack of argumentative stringency
  • Inconsistency of spellings
  • erroneous or inconsistent citation methods
  • stylistic weaknesses
  • unintelligible sentence constructions
  • Defects in the layout and formatting
  • Since every piece of scientific work gains in persuasiveness through its clear language, consistent style and stringency, professional proofreading is important. The point deduction for insufficient spelling, poor grammar or linguistically unclear statements can be up to two grades. A scientific editing examines your work, etc. on redundancy, vocabulary, expression and style, comprehensibility of formulations, linguistic level and consistent spellings.

A professional proofreading or proofreading helps your work to more quality and ultimately to a better grading. So, if you have already created a scientific paper that you would like to review and optimize through stylistic and content editing, it will review our science desk and make improvements if necessary.

This provides you with the necessary security before submitting your thesis.
Depending on the customer’s wishes, we undertake all the services of scientific proofreading, from mere proofreading to editing and profound textual editing.

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