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In university and science, there are many different forms of written work, from the housework and seminar paper to the bachelor thesis, master’s thesis, diploma thesis and master’s thesis to the dissertation and academic essay.All of them provide the students with content, methodological and temporal requirements that not everyone alone can meet.

Rarely do writing processes go without difficulties, and sometimes even the most ambitious student finds it difficult to write a scientific text in a sovereign way. It is often underestimated that scientific writing is a complex activity requiring “skilled” skills, a solid methodological basis and good (time) planning. This is all the more important because academic degrees such as bachelor’s or master’s degree have made the skilful production of academic texts significantly more important.

Ghostwriters provide time and freedom

In this respect, the mobilization of a ghostwriter gives free rein once the academic project and the requirements of the profession and the family can no longer be reconciled. We therefore understand academic ghostwriting as a scientific service.

Our clients take advantage of this, mostly because they can not handle time constraints, or because unforeseen private events make it difficult or impossible to produce the relevant academic text in a timely manner. The creation of an individual and high-quality template by a ghostwriter lays the foundation for the success of the scientific work.

Our ghostwriters are “seasoned” experienced academics (university lecturers, research assistants, post-doctorate graduates), scientific and professional careers, and their expertise in TEXT & SCIENCE.

Their content and methodological knowledge enable them to provide accurate support at e.g. a bachelor thesis, a master thesis or a doctoral thesis. Speeches, presentations or professional articles are also part of the range of services provided by our ghostwriters.


This somewhat provocative question can be answered as follows: no, this is not possible without further ado. Therefore, we point out that all texts of our academic ghostwriters are to be treated as master samples, the corresponding right of use, of course, we assign to you.

Claiming a ghostwriter for counseling and service purposes is legal and not prohibited. Our specially written works offer you a high-quality individual template, which you can use as orientation for your scientific work. How closely you follow this template is beyond our knowledge and influence and is your sole responsibility.

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